Windshield Wings


With the arrival of warm weather open-car accessories such as Ford windshield wings and top boots should be prominently featured.

In addition to their utility, these accessories add to the smart appearance of the car and make a strong appeal to owners and prospective purchasers.

The top boots are made of closely woven high-grade whipcord material.

The windshield wing brackets are of an entirely new design which permits the wings to be rigidly held in any desired position without loosening or tightening nuts.

Windshield wings list at $8.50 per set; top boots $7.00. These prices are subject to dealer’s regular discount.

With proper presentation of these accessories we believe purchases of Model A open cars will desire top boot and windshield wings installed before taking delivery of car.

How to install windshield wings


Lay out each windshield support to dimensions specified in Fig 513. Use 3/16 drill straight through windshield support, followed by 5/16 drill. This procedure insures accurate location of the 5/16 drilled hole.

Mount brackets with bolt heads and cup washers on front side of windshield support. The short bolt is used at the top, the long bolt at the bottom. Tightening the bolts causes the cup washers to conform to the contour of the windshield support and rigidly hold wing brackets in place.

Insert glass in bracket clamps using regulating screw to obtain a full even bearing of rubber pad on the face of the glass. Securely tighten clamping screw, using a heavy screw driver.

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