All Model “A” cars are equipped with

shatter-proof glass windshields. These wind shields are made up of two layers of glass and

a center layer of plastic material, all of which are thoroughly cemented together under

heavy pressure while hot. This results in a laminated structure of great strength, as com

pared to ordinary glass.

This .Safety Glass will not shatter. This is due to the positive adhesion of the plastic center layer to every square inch of glass on either side. The black seal around the edges of .the glass prevents deterioration of this plastic material and it is important not to break this seal.

When installing shatter proof glass in wind shield frames only a few precautions are necessary, but these are important:

  1. Do not pinch the edges in metal.
  2. Do not grind off the black seal around edges.
  3. Use canvas back cork strip, do not use rubber cement.
  4. Do not drill. This exposes the. center plastic layer and it will deteriorate.
  5. To clean use water, dry and polish with chamois.
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