Tire Cover Installation

To insure an A-No. 1 job when installing a tire cover, first deflate the tire, then install the cover and inflate tire to recommended air pressure. This method makes an exceptionally neat installation.

Sport Light Installation

When installing a Sport Light on a Town Sedan, Standard Three-Window Sedan or Cabriolet use the same outside bracket as furnished for installation on the other cars, except that the bracket must be placed 1/8“ back from front face of pillar and 3/4” below point for the Fordor installation as shown on the instruction sheet …

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Windshield Wings

((512)) With the arrival of warm weather open-car accessories such as Ford windshield wings and top boots should be prominently featured. In addition to their utility, these accessories add to the smart appearance of the car and make a strong appeal to owners and prospective purchasers. The top boots are made of closely woven high-grade …

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Spring Covers

This new design spring cover prevents spring squeaks and protects the spring from dirt and water. A feature of this new cover is the special oil pad in the cover which keeps the springs constantly lubricated and maintains their original easy riding qualities without further attention. List $4.25 ((541)) ((542)) How to Install First roll …

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