Crankshaft Bearing Cap for Service

A new crankshaft rear bearing cap A-6327-CR has been released for service. This cap provides a replacement bearing for use with crankshafts on which the rear bearing surface has become worn. It has a 1.618/1.620 bore and is 3.013/3.018 between the thrust faces as compared with the standard cap (A-6327-B) which has 1.623/1.624 bore and …

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Oil Hole To Camshaft Rear

To provide even more positive lubrication to the camshaft rear bearing, all cylinder blocks are now being drilled with a 3/16” oil hole which runs from the valve chamber to the camshaft rear bearing. This permits the oil in the valve chamber to drain directly on to this bearing. In addition to assuring maximum lubrication, …

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