Disassembling Clutch

Place clutch on clutch fixture and screw wing nut down until clutch spring tension is relieved. Next screw off the five clutch driven disc stud nuts (See “A” fig 455) then back off wing nut on fixture. Clutch thrust bearing hub and spring can now be lifted off. ((Fig 456)) By lightly dropping the threaded …

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Assembling Clutch

After making certain that all of the parts are thoroughly clean, place the rear driving disc over the clutch disc drum ( the rear driven disc being in place on the drum). The rear driving disc must be a snug sliding fit on the internal teeth in the flywheel (.002” clearance). This disc is easily …

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Installing Clutch in Car

Installing clutch in car Before installing the clutch make certain that the internal teeth in the flywheel are thoroughly clean. This is absolutely necessary in oder to insure proper clutch action. To hold the radius rod out of the way when installing clutch housing, insert a block of wood between radius rod and bottom of …

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Clutch Pedal Clearance

Clutch Pedal Clearance ((Fig 414)) The correct clearance or play for the clutch pedal is approximately 3/4 inch. That is when the clutch pedal is depressed there should be about 3/4 inch movement of the pedal before it starts to disengage the clutch. As the clutch facings wear, this clearance or movement gradually grows less. …

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