Cross Shaft


A-2211-AR rear brake housing plate assembly has been obsoleted. This plate was used on the early Model A cars on which the emergency brake was located at the left side of the car. If, after present stocks are exhausted, you receive calls for this part, supply A-2211-CR rear brake housing plate assembly. In replacing the …


New Solid Brake Cross Shaft

New Solid Brake Cross Shaft A new service brake cross shaft assembly has been designed and is now standard on all cars and trucks. The new shaft replaces the old style cross shaft and equalizer assembly, as the old assembly is obsolete and will not be carried for service. The new shaft is unusually efficient, …

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Brake Pedal to Cross Shaft Rod

((582)) Should a squeak develop due to the brake equalizer beam levers coming in contact with the stops in the rear face of the center cross member, it can be easily overcome by installing the present-design brake pedal to cross shaft rod. This rod being slightly longer than the old-style rod prevents the brake equalizer …

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