Gas Tank

New Cowl Tank

A new design cowl tank A-9002-E is now being used in all Model “A” cars and “AA” trucks. The new tank replaces the previous design A- 9002-C tank which will be obsoleted after present stocks are exhausted. With the installation of the new tank, the gasoline pipe has been redesigned as the sediment bulb has …

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For the purpose of holding the gasoline gauge in a vertical position when tightening the A-9330 gas gauge to flange nuts, a lug has been added to the gasoline gauge frame and a slot placed in the flange. The previous design frame without the lug can be used with a new flange .having the slot. …


Gasoline Tank

While the outward appearance of the gasoline tank and radiator filler caps are the same the inside construction of the caps is different. The gasoline tank cap has a vent hole drilled in the center of the raised portion (see Fig. 520) which allows air to seep in through the six openings in the cap …

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Gasoline Gauge

To determine if a gasoline gauge is sticking, rock the car vigorously. If gauge dial oscillates freely, gauge is O. K. If sticking, the gauge can be easily removed by screwing out flange nut and withdrawing gauge. Wrench 5-Z-1825 is used for screwing out the flange nut. Wrench 5-Z-1822. is used for screwing out the …

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