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To supply the demand for a special low speed generator, which will keep the batteries on radio equipped police cruising cars in a charging condition at speeds below 15 miles per hour, we have released a special low speed generator, A-10000-D. This special generator begins charging at a speed of approximately 7 1⁄2 miles per …

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Generator Terminal Bushing Changed

The old design A-10104-C one-piece generator terminal bushing has been obsoleted. When calls are received for this part, after present stocks are exhausted, supply the new design A-10104-D bushing, also fiber washer A-10106, which is used with the new bushing. When replacing an old bushing with the new design, be careful that the ground terminal …

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A change has been made in the generator rear end plate assembly, also in the generator armature and pulley. The rear end plate assembly has been changed from a ball bearing type of support for the rear end of the armature to a bushing support. The bushing A-10128 is a bronze porous type bushing. The …



Remove dust cover and clean commutator with a cloth. Use a small piece of wood to clean gaps between segments. Examine the brushes; if badly worn, they should be replaced. Adjust charging rate for summer driving-6 to 8 amperes at 25 miles per hour should be sufficient. This rate can, of course, be increased or …

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A few complaints have been received that the metal terminal block to generator wire conduit A-14406 sometimes cracked or broke. To eliminate this condition, the conduit has been changed from metal to a pliable black lacquered loom (see Fig. 852).

Generator Charge Rate

Should be adjusted to suit individual requirements. For average driving during cold weather a charging rate of 10 amperes at 1500 R. P. M. will prove satisfactory.

Generator Charging Rate

With the arrival of arm weather the generator charging rate should be checked and if necessary readjusted. For average driving a charging rate of six amperes for slightly less is sufficient and prevents the possibility of overcharging the battery. This rate can, of course, be increased or decreased to meet individual requirements. For example, the …

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