A-46116-R lock cylinder and key assembly has been obsoleted. If calls are received for this part after present stocks are exhausted, supply A-46123-E lock cylinder and A-11586-C key. The key can be cut on your key cutting machine and the tumblers in the lock cylinder then fitted to the key.

Interchangeable Lock Cylinders

A change has been made in the lock cylinders in the ignition and handle locks used with Tudor, A-panel, AA-panel and DeLuxe De- livery. Interchangeable lock cylinders are also used in the locks in the new Victoria Coupe and Special Delivery. Cars and trucks equipped with interchange- able lock cylinders use but one key. That …

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Installing Laundau Irons

((558)) Not infrequently owners of the business coupe desire to add to the attractiveness of their cars by installing landau irons. To meet this demand we are now furnishing through service, landau irons complete with necessary parts for installation, for the business coupe. Installation instructions First locate the drilled hole in both quarter lock pillars …

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Truck Deck Door Support

Figure 578 shows the new deck door support now standard in roadster and all coupes without rumble seat. The new support can be easily installed on cars equipped with the old-design support by proceeding as follows: Drill a 9/32” hole in deck drain trough 3-3/32” from center line of rivet “B.” (See fig 579.) Next …

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