Keep Cylinder Head Nuts Tight

Before replacing a cylinder head pour at least a tablespoonful of engine oil around the edge of each piston to insure sufficient lubrication when engine is started. When engine is thoroughly warmed up all cylinder head nuts should be taken. taken up slightly. This operation should be repeated several times especially during the first 50 …

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Axle and Transmission Lubricant

M-533 lubricant used in the transmission, differential and dual high should be thinned with 10% kerosene for cold weather operation. To assist you in estimating the quantity of kerosene to add we are listing the amount of lubricant carried in these assemblies. Transmission …………….. 1 pint Rear axle (car) …………….. l 1/2 quarts Truck worm …

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Change in Idler Shaft

To simplify and secure more positive lubrication of the reverse idler gear, the gear and idler shaft have been redesigned as follows: The oil scoop has been removed from the idler shaft and a 3/16 inch hole has been drilled through the gear and bushing, the oil flowing directly through this hole onto the shaft. …

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Model A Engine Lubrication

((593)) For correct engine lubrication a high grade, well refined oil is absolutely essential. As a guide to the proper viscosity or body of oil for summer and winter conditions, which vary for different territories, the lubrication charts of reputable oil companies should be consulted. In general, an oil having the body of S. A. …

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Lubricator Fittings

With the installation of the new emergency brake, two additional lubricator fittings have been added—one at each end of the emergency brake cross shaft. (See Fig 561). Grease should be forced into the fittings every 500 miles with the pressure gun.

Oil for Dual High

Use M-533 oil in the dual high assembly, when the assembly is operated at temperatures of 10 and above zero or colder M-5333 oil should be thinned with 10% kerosene. Approximately one quart of oil is required to bring the oil level up to the “F” (full mark) on the oil level indicator. The oil …

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When lubricating the car do not overlook the oil cup on the side of the distributor body. Oil should be added every 500 miles. Sufficient oil should be added to reach the level of the oil pump. Regular engine oil can be used for lubricating distributor.

Model “A” Capacities

Model “A” Capacities Cooling System — 3 gallons. Gasoline tank—10 gallons. Engine Oil Pan—5 quarts. Transmission—1 pint. Rear Axle—1 1/2 pints. Steering gear—7 3/4 ounces. When changing the oil in the engine pan, the new oil can be poured through the breather pipe more rapidly and will not bubble over if the oil level indicator …

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