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Sometime ago, prior to the steering worm change mentioned in the August Bulletin, a change was made in the steering gear worm bearing. The bearing was changed from a cylindrical 9 roller to a tapered 13 roller bearing. To correspond with the tapered bearing, it was necessary to change the angle of the worm at …



To provide additional clearance between driver’s seat and steering wheel, the length of the steering column was recently increased and the angle of the column changed (see Fig. 849). This was accomplished by in- creasing the length of the steering column 1″ and shortening the steering column bracket approximately 3/8”. The new arrangement provides greater …


Installing Drag Link

To provide additional clearance between drag link and front brake shaft housing, the end of the drag link, which was formerly assembled to the rear, is now assembled to the front. This necessitated relocating the lubricator fittings so they would be easily accessible when the position of the drag link was reversed. When installing a …

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Steering Gear Housing

The drilled hole in the steering sector shaft, through which the lubricant in the steering gear housing was carried to the sector shaft bushings, has now been discontinued. Sector shaft bushings are now lubricated by means of a lubricator fitting placed in the steering gear housing. (See A, Fig 570) Lubricant should be forced into …

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Bearing A-3123

The outside diameter of the spindle bolt bearing assembly and the steering worm thrust bearing assembly, part A-3123, has been changed to the dimensions shown in Figure 575. When replacing one of these bearings in the steering gear be sure to install the same design that was removed. ((575))

The Steering Wheel

((492)) The model A steering gear is one of the worm and sector type. It responds quickly to movements of the wheel under the hands of the driver, is especially geared for handling balloon tires, and due to its efficient construction there is no possibility of the wheel being jerked from the driver’s hands by …

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Remove Steering Gear

((494)) Should it be necessary to remove a steering gear from the car and dismantle the assembly it can be done as follows: ((493)) Disconnect spark and throttle rods. (See A, Fig 493) Remove lighting switch, B. To remove switch unsnap lighting switch bail and remove lighting switch and wire assembly. Press upward on operating …

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