A new design power take-off assembly AA- 7251-B has recently been released. This assembly complete with all necessary parts for attaching (with exception of lever AA- 7270-B) is supplied in carton under part AA-7275 at a list price of $12.50. The price of the lever is $1.00. These prices are subject to dealers’ regular parts …



Bolt A-20931 has been obsoleted and 1s replaced by bolt A-20953. This bolt is 1/6” longer than the A-20931 bolt. (See Fig. 928.) When using an A-20953 bolt in place of A-20931 bolt on cars having forged type transmission main shaft bearing retainers (A-7085-BR), it is necessary to take up the extra length of the …

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Axle and Transmission Lubricant

M-533 lubricant used in the transmission, differential and dual high should be thinned with 10% kerosene for cold weather operation. To assist you in estimating the quantity of kerosene to add we are listing the amount of lubricant carried in these assemblies. Transmission …………….. 1 pint Rear axle (car) …………….. l 1/2 quarts Truck worm …

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Change in Idler Shaft

To simplify and secure more positive lubrication of the reverse idler gear, the gear and idler shaft have been redesigned as follows: The oil scoop has been removed from the idler shaft and a 3/16 inch hole has been drilled through the gear and bushing, the oil flowing directly through this hole onto the shaft. …

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The Transmission

The Model A transmission is of the standard selective sliding gear shift type; all moving parts, with the exception of the reverse idler gear which is carried in a bronze bushing, rotate on a ball and roller bearings. With the combination of roller and ball bearings, special heat treated chrome alloy steel gears, and other …

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Transmission Operation

When in low speed the transmission low and reverse sliding gear meshes with the low speed gear on the transmission countershaft gear assembly. Figure 469 traces the path of power transmitted. ((469)) In second speed the intermediate and high sliding gear engages with the intermediate gear on the transmission countershaft gear assembly. Figure 470 traces …

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Disassembling Transmission

Remove gear shifter housing. Disconnect clutch housing from transmission case by screwing out the four clutch housing to transmission case screws. (See A, fig 473.) ((473)) Lift off gasket, and withdraw transmission main drive shaft (See A, Fig, 474), and pilot bearing B, from transmission assembly. ((474)) Screw out the four-bearing retainer to transmission case …

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Assembling Transmission

Assembling Transmission Place reverse idler gear in transmission case with the flush side of the gear to the rear of the case. Next insert transmission reverse idler shaft through case and gear, turning it so that the flat side of the shaft faces countershaft hole in case (See A, Fig. 481). This lines up the …

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