Model A Garage, Inc.

Restoring history one car at a time

Brian, Commander US Navy (ret.)

My 1928 Model A Tudor Sudan was restored in 1996 and driven for 23 years. It is a family car, that belonged to my Grandfather, and it was badly in need of repair – the car was unsafe!

The Model A Garage completely rebuilt my chassis – clutch, transmission, rear axle, all new races, wheels, bearings, hubs, brakes, shocks, steering linkage, and steering column. There were many technical challenges with parts as this is an AR with a very early real axle and unique wheels and hubs. I would not trust anyone else but The Model A Garage to do this level of work on my car. They did a fantastic job and the car drives and handles like a new car.

They have a GREAT team – John help me make decisions regarding what is best for the car and to prioritize the work, Will provided photographs and regularly contacted me with technical explanations throughout the restoration, Becky provided clear billing information that broke down all parts and labor charges.

The model A garage helped put my car back into service so it can be passed onto my children and safely driven for many years to come.

Thanks John, Will, and Becky!

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