Dave and Jan

It’s been a month since you delivered “Mr. Ed” back to his home in Bristow, Virginia. Today I went to the storage garage to start him up and for the first time in over twenty years he fired right up and purred like a cat! As you know, we inherited “Mr. Ed”, a 1931 Model A Coupe, from Jan’s father some years back and it had sat in the garage for five years with everything from the wiring to the water pump in serious trouble. Prior to that Jan’s father had spent three times the amount we paid you and the car just never ran right. And never fired right up as it did today.

Not only was your pricing more than fair – it was your true professionalism and truly caring for what were the right items to repair, upgrade or replace to allow us to operate a safe Antique Model A with our grandchildren. We loved visiting your garage and the tour you gave us. Your place is quite impressive. The time you spent in going over the entire car with us, showing us what repairs you made and explaining why they had to be done was more than we expected of you. Thank you so much. Restoring two Triumphs myself, everything to explained and why you did what you did made prefect since. Obviously, you weren’t out to just make a buck but you truly love what you do and you are passionate about helping others with their Antique Cars.

I have bragged about you to everyone I know and will highly recommend you, your team and your work to anyone. I’ll see you soon so you can repair or replace (your call – I trust your judgment) the steering box on “Mr. Ed”.


Yours Truly:

Dave and Jan

The proud custodians of Mr. Ed

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