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brass float gauge

Gas Gauge with Brass Float

Original Style Gas Gauge with Brass Float. Will fit Model A 1928-1931

Curcuit Breaker

Circuit Breaker

This circuit breaker version of electrical protection also provides several additional features above that of the standard fuse. The circuit breaker allows the driver to disconnect the electrical power with a simple push of a button. The unit is also equipped with a voltage meter to check charging output and condition of the battery when the car is in storage.

Fuel Filter

Fuel Filter

Inline Fuel Filter. Install between gas tank and carburetor. It is similar too other filters on the market, but it has been machined to increase the fuel flow required by a Model A.

Fuse Block

Fuse Block

When first built, the Model A Ford did not come equipped with a fuse to protect the electric circuit. Over the years different options were available. The unit pictured here is one of the best options available to protect your car. It not only protects from shorts and overloads but withstands everyday physical abuse.

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